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Prices and terms:


For 5 persons:


Low season:

week 1-11 and 43-51:



3600.- DKK/ 485.- EURO



week 12-26 and 36-42:



4800.- DKK/ 640.- EURO


High season:

week 27-35:



7500.- DKK/ 1000.- EURO



Christmas, Easter, New Year:


5200.- DKK/ 690.- EURO



The other persons:

Price per. person other than those 5 people is 350, - dkkr./48.-EURO for one person.

Maximum 10 people in total.

Rent for a weekend

You can rent a cottage for a weekend. Price DKK 2300.- for 5 person.

The other people pay DKK 200 - per. person. (max. 10 persons in total)


Click here to see calendar(free/occupied weeks)!


Payment of rent in cash or by bank transfer in advance.

Bank account: Danish Bank 3574-3594075730

IBAN: DK5830003594075730


Settlement of electricity according to consumption! Price 2.75 .- kr. Kw.


Water consumption is included in the price.


Price for final cleaning is 800.- DKK/ 105.- EURO.


The day for change is saturday at 15:00 to the next saturday at 10:30.


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